Independence Day in Saint Lucia Date in the current year: February 22, 2018

Independence Day in Saint Lucia February 22 is Independence Day in Saint Lucia, a small island country in the Caribbean Sea. On this day in 1979, Saint Lucia became a fully independent state.

The island of Saint Lucia was first discovered by Europeans circa 15th or 16th century. The first European settlers on the island were the Dutch. In the 17th century, both the French and the English officially claimed Saint Lucia.

From 1674 to 1814, political control over the island passed from hand to hand several times, until the British acquired it permanently. Saint Lucia belonged to the Federal Colony of the Windward Islands along with other Caribbean islands.

In 1958, Saint Lucia along with other former Caribbean colonies became part of the West Indies Federation, a semi-autonomous political union created by the United Kingdom. In 1967, it became an associated state of the UK. Saint Lucia had full control for internal issues, but its defense responsibilities and external affairs were left to the UK.

Association with the United Kingdom was an interim arrangement that ended on February 22, 1979. On this day, Saint Lucia achieved complete independence. The anniversary of this event is celebrated as the national day of Saint Lucia.

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