Children's Day in Uruguay Date in the current year: August 11, 2019

Children's Day in Uruguay The second Sunday in August is dedicated to children, the Very Important Persons, in Uruguay. It's Children's Day and all kids receive many toys.

Children in Uruguay are really lucky, because they celebrate Children's Day twice a year. The official date is January 6, coinciding with Epiphany. Giving presents to children and, sometimes, adults is one of the Uruguayan traditions. However, Children's Day in August is commercialized and it's more popular, moreover, only children receive presents.

Toy companies earn most during the Christmas season, while they experience selling decline during the year. But some toys and candies remain unsold before the beginning of the new selling season, and they have to be either withdrawn from the supermarkets and stores or sold out. Regarding this, toy companies established the August Children's Day.

Parents do their best to please children. They prepare special dishes, buy candies, cookies, chips and, of course, toys. This holiday is beloved by children, because today they can receive everything they want to.

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