Father's Day in Lithuania Date in the current year: June 2, 2024

Father's Day in Lithuania Father's Day is celebrated in many countries, but Lithuania is one of the few states where it is an official public holiday. Lithuanian Father's Day is observed on the first Sunday in June, a month after Mother's Day (the first Sunday in May).

Originally Lithuania celebrated only Mother's Day. Father's Day was established to complement it. It is a celebration that honors fathers and fatherhood and celebrates the contribution of fathers to society. Many people think that it is mothers that do all the work as far parenting is concerned, but in reality the input of fathers is just as important.

Father's Day is usually marked with family-oriented activities. It is a perfect occasion for family bonding. Children typically give their gathers small gifts and handmade postcard to congratulate them on the holiday. Many families gather together and have a special Father's Day meal.

Although Father's Day is a public holiday in Lithuania, it is not an additional non-working day because it always falls during a weekend. The following Monday is a regular working day.

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