Maternity and Beauty Day in Armenia Date in the current year: April 7, 2024

Maternity and Beauty Day in Armenia In Armenia, there are two holidays on which mothers accept congratulations. The first is International Women's Day observed on March 8, and the second is Maternity and Beauty Day (also known as Motherhood and Beauty Day) celebrated on April 7.

While International Women's Day is a holiday dedicated to all women, Maternity and Beauty Day honors specifically mothers. The date of April 7 was chosen because on this date the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the feast of Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. The month between these two holidays is often referred to as the “Month of Praise of Women”.

Day of Maternity and Beauty focuses on expressing respect and appreciation towards mothers, showing them gratitude for their love, care, and devotion. On Maternity and Beauty Day, it is customary to give presents and flowers to mothers. At kindergarten and schools, children make cards and small souvenirs to congratulate their mothers on the holiday.

Maternity and Beauty Day is not a public holiday in Armenia, but it is widely celebrated throughout the country.

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