Los Angeles Culture Festival and Hollywood Carnival Parade

Los Angeles Culture Festival and Hollywood Carnival Parade
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The Los Angeles Culture Festival is an annual celebration of cultural diversity that expresses the colors of culture and freedom of the world as one people. It features colorful costumes, music, dances, arts and crafts, and food from around the world, culminating in a vibrant Hollywood Carnival Parade.

Most people associate colorful parades and vibrant costumes with the Caribbean Carnival celebrations that have been brought to the United States by Caribbean immigrants. But the LA Culture Festival is so much more than just another Caribbean Carnival! The event encompasses cultures of various countries and regions, including South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, East Asia, Central America, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Every June, people with different ancestries come together to showcase their culture and traditions.

The program of the LA Culture Festival & Hollywood Carnival features a variety of events and activities held over the carnival weekend. They include exciting parties, the Carnival Cultural Village, and the Hollywood Carnival Parade. To attend parties and the Carnival Culture Village, you need to buy tickets, but the Carnival Parade is free for everyone to watch. Note that all parties are strictly 21+.

The Hollywood Carnival Parade is the central event of the LA Culture Festival. This is a grand street extravaganza featuring dancers, musicians and masqueraders in breathtaking costumes, moving to the beat of world music. To participate in the procession, one must officially register with one of the Mas Bands by purchasing a costume. The Parade begins at Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue. As soon as the Parade Queen and Grand Marshal cut the ribbon, the revelers begin to march and dance toward North Highland Avenue, where the main entrance to the Carnival Culture Village is located.

The Carnival Cultural Village is a recreation zone with a stage and dance area, liquor garden, food court, and continuous entertainment. Here attendees of all ages can enjoy a wide range of national cuisines, a unique selection of arts & crafts, exciting and diverse entertainment from some of the world’s biggest stars, and ethnic dance rhythms from all over the world. The Village is open from noon until 9 pm, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy yourself and have fun.

The festival’s dynamic, family-friendly programming is a great showcase of the world cultures, so it is not surprising that the event attracts thousands of people every year. Its mission is to provide social cohesion through sharing and promoting the various diverse cultures.

LA Culture Festival

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