Miami Broward One Carnival

Miami Broward One Carnival
The Miami Broward One Carnival is considered to be one of the largest street parties in the USA. Seven days are full of different events and entertainment for all visitors, as well as participants of the carnival.

The real carnivals can be found only in Trinidad and Brazil. These are the places, where the carnival is the most vivid and brightest event of the year. Jolly celebration is very important for the people of Brazil and Trinidad, and not a single event outside these countries can be compared with their carnival. However, if you’re from the USA, you want to see Brazilian carnival and don’t have chance to do it, then don’t miss an opportunity to see the Miami Broward One Carnival, which follows the traditions of the best carnivals in the world. By the way, the Miami Carnival starts in fall, a week prior to celebration of Columbus Day, not before Lent. And the carnival lasts for one week.

The first Sunday of the carnival is the time for the Junior Carnival. It traditionally starts the celebration. The Junior Carnival is much alike the main parade with the only one exception, that the participants are kids only. Their costumes are lighter and less intricate, however each group of children prepares their own show.

The Carnival Friday is the most colorful day of the carnival, because its the time to elect the King and the Queen of the Carnival. However, it’s also the contest for the individuals, who don’t participate in the contest for the title of the King/Queen. They participate just to show their costumes hoping to win cash prizes. The contest takes place in the evening, and before that you can enjoy the steelpan music, which is an integral part of the carnival.

The Saturday morning begins with the sounds of music and a huge procession. It’s J’ouvert time, the time for a large street party with its own traditional characters. Men and women wear the costumes of devil, which is a very important part of the Trinidad folklore. However, the Miami Broward One Carnival is also known for its another peculiarity: people cover their bodies with sticky molasses and every participant tries to smear as many spectators as possible.

The parade is the final event of the carnival. This parade follows the best traditions of Trinidad and Brazil. There are hundreds of bright costumes, magnificent shows and calypso and samba rhythms everywhere.

Miami Broward One

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