Rotterdam Unlimited

Rotterdam Unlimited
Rotterdam Unlimited is one of the biggest summer festivals in Europe and one of the most anticipated events in the Netherlands. One of the festival’s main highlights is the Summer Carnival (Zomercarnaval) that has been held annually since 1984.

Before Rotterdam Unlimited, the city of Rotterdam had two major cultural festivals, the Dunya Festival and the Summer Carnival. The Dunya Festival was an outdoor performing arts festival featuring world music, poets and storytellers. It was founded in 1977. The Summer Carnival celebrated the culture of the West Indies.

In 2013, the two festivals were merged into Rotterdam Unlimited, a five-day cultural event in downtown Rotterdam focused on diversity. It’s a truly spectacular festival that attracts over 900,000 visitors from all over Europe, offering them a unique experience.

As we’ve already said, the main highlight of Rotterdam Unlimited is the traditional Summer Carnival that transforms downtown Rotterdam into one massive street party with music, dancing and lots of fun. The Carnival is commonly associated with the parade featuring over 30 floats, 25 carnival groups and 2,500 dancers in incredible costumes. The vibrant and colorful procession stretches over 5 kilometers! The parade is preceded by the election of the Carnival Queen and followed by the Battle of the Drums.

Alongside the Carnival, Rotterdam Unlimited offers a stage program featuring incredible international artists. Over 60 artists and acts from around the world perform on free accessible outdoor stages. The festival welcomes both renowned performers and young talents in the field of music, dance, film, poetry, and more. Major artists who’ve performed at Rotterdam Unlimited include Asaf Avidan, Machel Montano, Kool & the Gang, Gentleman & the Evolution, and Manu Chao.

Rotterdam is a multi-national city where over 170 different nationalities and cultures meet and co-exist. That’s why the Rotterdam Unlimited festival hosts a series of special projects designed to showcase these cultures. One of them is the festival market where attendees can buy traditional souvenirs and get acquainted with national cuisines from all over the world.

Rotterdam Unlimited

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