Fusion Festival

Fusion Festival
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The Fusion Festival, often stylized as Фузион Festival, is an annual counterculture festival focusing on music and arts. The event is held at Rechlin–Lärz Airfield, a former military airport located near the German city of Lärz. It was founded in 1997 by an organization named Kulturkosmos.

The festival name is often written with Cyrillic alphabet, but pronounced like the English word “fusion”. According to the organizers, the Fusion Festival strives to create a Temporary Autonomous Zone (a concept introduced by American anarchist writer and poet Hakim Bey in his book of the same name) and a transformational environment. Due to its focus on contemporary art and avant-garde approach, the Fusion Festival is often compared to Burning Man or Glastonbury Festival.

Music is a big part of the event. The Fusion Festival focuses on underground electronic music but embraces various other styles including folk, reggae, hip-hop, world music, dance music, and more. There are no stylistic restrictions and festival-goers are encouraged to bring their own instruments, so the music program largely depends on the audience. Alongside music, the Fusion Festival features contemporary art, including static artworks and installations, performances, art cars, film screenings, and various other forms.

The Fusion Festival is usually held during the last weekend of June or the first weekend of July. It takes place on a grass-covered field that used to be a military experimental airfield during the Nazi Germany era. By the way, the Cyrillic transliteration of the festival name was inspired by Cyrillic inscriptions that were left by Soviet soldiers who captured the airfield in 1945.

The Fusion Festival is described as a safe space where people can free their minds from everyday problems and responsibilities. For a few days, festival-goers break out from the system they have to live in and search for an alternative lifestyle through music, art, and socializing with fellow attendees. The event is a parallel society of a special kind, looking for a possibly better world. For four days, FUSIONists from around the world co-exist in a very special place, becoming close like brothers and sisters.

Many people wear creative costumes at the event, and some forego clothes altogether because the Fusion Festival is a clothing-optional event that draws many naturists. All food sold at the festival grounds is vegetarian.

Fusion Festival

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