Dublin Fringe Festival

Dublin Fringe Festival
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The Dublin Fringe Festival, formerly known as Tiger Dublin Fringe, is an annual arts festival that focuses on contemporary performing arts, including theater, music, dance, circus, and others. The festival takes place in Temple Bar, an area in central Dublin that is a major center for cultural life.

The Dublin Fringe Festival was founded in 1995 by Bedrock Productions with the support from the Arts Office of Dublin City Council and the Dublin Theater Festival. The event was designed to showcase and promote the work of small theater companies. Over the years, the Dublin Fringe Festival has grown to become a 16-day event dedicated to new and emerging artists from all over Ireland and abroad. The festival is held every September, attracting over 30,000 spectators.

Unlike most other fringe festivals that have an open access policy, the Dublin Fringe Festival is a curated festival. Artists submit their applications which are subsequently reviewed by the program manager. The festival offers performing opportunities in theater, dance, music, comedy, live art, and visual art to both Irish and international participants. According to the organizers, the Dublin Fringe Festival is home to bold ideas, brave performing arts and adventurous audiences.

Performances take place in a number of venues across central Dublin, ranging from theaters and cafes to unconventional venues. Each show is held in a venue which is deemed most suitable. Alongside performances, the program of the festival includes workshops teaching a variety of skills.

Dublin Fringe is more than just an annual performing arts festival; it’s a year-round organization that focuses on fresh and innovative approach to the arts from Irish and international artists. The festival’s year-round program is titled FringeLab. It provides artistic and practical support, catering to both developing and established artists, practitioners, producers and technicians. FringeLab is both a performing and rehearsal space and a platform of activities for learning and training.

Dublin Fringe Festival

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