Oslo Christmas Market

Oslo Christmas Market
The Christmas season in Norway has a special charm because part of its territory is occupied by Lapland, a cultural region considered the home to Santa Claus (although the official Santa Claus Village is actually located in Finland). Norway’s main Christmas market is located in the capital city of Oslo. The opening of the Oslo Christmas market kicks off the holiday season in Norway.

Like most large European cities, Oslo simultaneously hosts several Christmas markets. The city’s traditional Christmas market takes place at Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum). This is a large open-air museum with more than 150 buildings and an extensive collection of artifacts that illustrate the life of Norwegians from the early 16th century until present day. During the market, the museum recreates a typical Norwegian village. The houses that make up the open-air museum host performances, showing how Christmas has been celebrated in Norway for many centuries.

The Christmas market at Norsk Folkemuseum features more than 100 artfully decorated wooden stalls and huts which offer a wide array of traditional Christmas goods and handicrafts make by local artisans. At the market, you can buy woolen goods and knitwear, jewelry and accessories, soap and candles, ceramics and wooden figurines, Christmas treats, and more. There are a lot of unique handmade products sold directly by the craftsmen who have made them.

There’s a special entertainment area for children featuring pony rides, horse-drawn carriage rides, folk dancing, performances, Santa’s workshop, and a lot of other fun activities for kids.

The Christmas market at Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is usually open during the first two weekends of December, so it’s easy to miss. Luckily, there are other Christmas markets in the city. The largest one is held in the square in front of Oslo City Hall. It starts in late November and runs through late December.

At this market, you can find traditional Christmas goods and handicrafts, local delicacies, exclusive souvenirs from Lapland. If you get cold while shopping, treat yourself to some glögg. Glögg is the Nordic version of mulled wine. Its main ingredients are red wine, sugar, spices in bitter orange. Stronger spirits such as brandy, akvatit or vodka are often added.

Oslo Christmas market




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