Belgian Beer Weekend

Belgian Beer Weekend
The Belgian Beer Weekend is one of the most popular beer festivals in Belgium. It’s annually held on the Grand Place or Grote Markt, the central square of Brussels, on the first weekend in September.

The Belgian Beer Weekend is annually organized in Brussels by the Knighthood of the Brewers’ Paddle and the Belgian Brewers in collaboration with the City of Brussels. The festival lasts for three days, beginning on the Friday afternoon and ending on the Sunday night. The first festival day is full of closed events, that are held for brewers only, but the weekend is for visitors, who can enjoy the best Belgian beer.

One of the most spectacular events of the Belgian Beer Weekend is the brewer’s procession, that features historical brewers carts and beer wagons. This procession goes through the streets of the central Brussels. The procession is prepared at the Fish Market, and everyone can have a look at it.

And if you want to enjoy the best Belgian beer, you should go to the Grand Place, that is already stacked with tents of small and big breweries. They offer the wide range of their beers, that you have to buy for crowncorks. 9 crowncorks cost 10 EUR and they should be bought at the pay desks around the Grand Place. You use them only to pay for your beer. Also, you need to use a deposit chip to take a tasting glass, that will be later refunded as you leave the festival.

The prices for a glass of beer differ, and it can cost two and more crowncorks. Also remember, that certain beers can be poured in special glasses, that allow to open the full flavor of the beverage. Everyone can take one or more glasses for deposit chips.

So, what can you try at the festival? There will be lots of beers, presented by big, medium and small breweries. Trappist, ales, dubbel, lambic, stout, white beer and many other kinds of beer are waiting for you. And since there’s too much to taste, assess your own abilities soberly.

Belgian Beer Weekend




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