TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is one of the world’s largest conferences dedicated to modern technology, design and everything in between. The main TED conference takes place every spring in Vancouver, Canada. Regional TED events are also held across the globe. There are also special programs targeted at specific audiences such as TEDWomen.

TEDWomen is a three-day conference that focuses on the contribution of women and girls to modern innovation. Every year, it brings together women and men from all over the world who are interested in exploring how global change begins. To make this world a better place, the global community needs innovative thinkers who generate new ideas and are not afraid to make a change.

The program of the TEDWomen conference focuses on women-oriented issues including reproductive health and gender issues. It features famous 18-minute TED Talks (the signature format of all TED conferences), exhibitions, presentations of new products and technologies, hands-on tech demos. Of course, not all the events are dedicated solely to technology and innovation. Attendees have a chance to participate in wellness activities (morning yoga, runs and more), dinners, parties, tours and more.

Every year, the organizers dedicate the conference to a new theme chosen with the help of potential speakers and attendees. For example, the theme of TEDWomen 2016 was “Time”. Even with the latest inventions, science and technology we can’t make more time or stop it. So how to make the most of time we have at our hands? How to contribute to the development of mankind and the fight against global problems that concern each and every one of us? At TEDWomen, several dozens of speakers try to answer these questions and offer up fresh insights and perspectives around the theme of the conference.

Just like the main TED conference, TEDWomen allows to host regional events anywhere. Anyone can apply to host a TEDxWomen event in their community or their school. However there are several conditions that must be fulfilled in order to obtain a TEDxWomen license. For example, every regional event must occur on the main day of the TEDWomen conference or within 24 hours after. Besides, its program must feature at least one session of the TEDWomen simulcast.

In 2020, the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Photo by Marla Aufmuth/TED



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