Siberian International Marathon

Siberian International Marathon
The Siberian International Marathon (SIM) is considered one of the most prestigious running races in the Russian Federation. It is the only such competition in the country to be accredited by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), the oldest marathon race in Russia, and the only event of its kind in Siberia.

The Siberian International Marathon is held in the city of Omsk. It was inaugurated in 1990, as the Iron Curtain began to lift during perestroika and foreigners became able to visit the Soviet Union. The first marathon featured 1,800 athletes, including 32 foreigners from 9 countries. One of the foreign participants was John Austin, a British Labor Party politician, who would go on to become a Member of Parliament.

In 2011, the Siberian International Marathon was designated as an IAFF Bronze Label Road Race. The IAFF labels are considered a prestigious award by race organizers. Although the marathon is an international race, only a few foreign participants have won it over the years. Foreign winners include athletes from Belarus, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The Siberian International Marathon is held every summer in early August and is considered part of the Omsk Day festivities. Currently, the event includes several races: a marathon race for men and women aged 18 and older, a 10k race for men and women aged 14 and older, and a 5k race for amateur athletes of any age. All participants are required to pay an entry fee. Runners must submit their applications in advance, no applications are accepted on the day of the race.

The marathon draws around 15,000 participants every year. About 60% are runners from Omsk and the Omsk region, 30% are from other parts of Russia, and the remaining 10% are foreign athletes.

Alongside the Siberian International Marathon, its team organizes a series of races throughout the year. They include the Ice Half Marathon in January (21k, 7k), Spring Half Marathon in May (21k, 10k, 5k), Woman Run in June (10k, 5k), and Night Run in September (5k).

Siberian International Marathon

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