Gadget Fair

Gadget Fair
Gadget Fair is an annual festival and trade fair for gadgets held in Moscow, Russia. It is the country’s only trade fair that focuses solely on all kinds of gadgets – portable devices that make our life more comfortable and interesting. Here you can find the latest in smart electronics, applications, accessories, and more. If you can’t imagine your life without the latest gadgets, you absolutely need to attend this expo.

The inaugural Gadget Fair was held in 2013. The first edition showcased the latest developments by leading Russian and foreign companies such as quadcopters, robots, special-purpose gadgets, and gadgets for people with disabilities. The following year, the exhibition expanded to include consumer electronics, communication devices, smart toys, e-readers, medical gadgets, car gadgets, accessories, and more.

Over the years, Gadget Fair has gained a reputation as a prime meeting place for producers and distributors, representatives of leading retail chains, online shops and resellers, mobile operators, Internet service providers, software and content developers, accessory suppliers, and consumers who keep track of the latest in the field of gadgets.

The exposition is divided into several areas showcasing different types of gadgets: communication devices (phones, smartphones, tablets); consumer electronics (cameras, video cameras, players, sound systems, etc.); games (game consoles, 3D and 4D technology); e-books and libraries; electronic toys; robots of all kinds; special gadgets such as medical gadgets, car gadgets, spy gadgets and the like; headsets and other accessories.

Along with the exposition, the program of Gadget Fair includes shows, presentations, contests, giveaways, test drives of self-balancing unicycles, Segways and electric skateboards, and other exciting activities for attendees of all ages and backgrounds.

The fair also hosts a series of industry events. Its business program features press conferences, video conferences, workshops, technical seminars, and more. This is a great opportunity to meet the key players of the market, talk to developers, network, and learn about the latest industry trends.

Gadget Fair