CANactions International Architecture Festival

CANactions International Architecture Festival
The CANactions International Architecture Festival is held every spring in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. It is the country’s largest and arguably most important event dedicated to architecture and everything related.

CANactions was launched it 2008 as a platform where young architects and architecture students can exchange ideas and experiences, as well as learn about the latest industry trends. Another goal of the event is to educate the general public about contemporary architecture and urbanism.

The festival is held at the Ivan Honchar Museum, also known as the National Center of Folk Culture. Its program includes a wide range of events and activities for visitors of all backgrounds, including exhibitions, lectures, workshops, discussions, film screenings, and presentations of new urban projects that are currently underway.

All these events and activities aim at shaping a new generation of change-makers who will develop social initiatives for the transformation of Ukrainian cities and improve the existing relationship between citizens and other actors (government authorities, businesses, professionals) to build new types of connections in Ukrainian cities.

The annual architecture festival is the flagship program of the organizing team. Other programs include the CANactions School for Urban Studies, the CANactions Public Program, and the CANactions competition program.

The School for Urban Studies offers workshops and educational programs in Urban Studies, Integrated Urban Development and Strategic Spatial Planning. The Public Program is a series of open educational events held throughout Ukraine. Finally, the Competition Program comprises national and international architectural and urban design contest aimed at supporting Ukrainian architects and encouraging international cooperation.





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