Ars Electronica Festival

Ars Electronica Festival
The Ars Electronica Festival is an annual festival dedicated to new media art. It is held in the city of Linz, Austria. According to organizers, the festival provides a perfect setting for experimentation and reinvention.

Ars Electronica is a cultural, educational and scientific institute founded in 1979. It focuses on interconnections between art, technology and society. The annual festival is Ars Electronica’s flagship project, but the institute also organizes year-round activities at the Ars Electronica Center and presents the Prix Ars Electronica, an annual award in the field of interactive and electronic art, digital culture, computer animation and music.

The first Ars Electronica Festival was held in September 1979. It was founded by Ulrich Rützel, Herbert W. Franke, Hubert Bognermayr and Hannes Leopoldseder. A biennial event at first, it has been held annually since 1986. The Prix Ars Electronica was first awarded in 1987. The festival is funded by the City of Linz, the Province of Upper Austria, the government of Austria, and a number of private and corporate sponsors and partners.

The Ars Electronica Festival welcomes artists, scientists and researchers from around the world, giving them an opportunity to express themselves and to exchange innovative ideas in a setting that encourages experimenting. Its program includes large-scale open-air installations, exhibitions, talks, workshops, lectures, symposia, and other interdisciplinary events and activities. Each year’s festival focuses on a certain theme which is reflected in its program. For example, the theme of the 2017 event was Artificial Intelligence.

Since 1987, Ars Electronica has presented an annual award to recognize creativity and innovation in the use of digital media. The Prix Electronica Award is also known as the Golden Nica Award because the statuette presented to winners is a replica of the Winged Victory of Samothrake, a sculpture of the Greek goddess of victory Nike. Besides, each winner receives a cash prize. As of 2017, the award is presented in four main categories: Computer Animation / Film / VFX, Digital Music & Sound Art, Hybrid Art, and u19 – Create Your World.

Ars Electronica

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