Wine Harvest Festival in the Czech Republic

Wine Harvest Festival in the Czech Republic
The fall is the time for the Wine Harvest Festival in the Czech Republic, that is also known as “Vinobrani”. And the main event of the festival is tasting of “burčák”, that is the name for young wine, or Federweisser, in the country.

September and October are the jolliest months of the year, because every region celebrates its own wine harvest festival. Festivities appear on different dates, and every region has its own traditions and peculiarities. And if you want to visit the most interesting festivities, then you should go to Znojmo and Mikulov. There are also festivities in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, but they are not as spectacular as on the south of the country.

The central event of Vinobrani is tasting of burčák. This is a half-fermented wine, and it doesn’t taste and look like any usual wine. It usually has 4 percent of alcohol by volume, just like beer. And as far as burčák can’t be stored for a long time, you can try it only at numerous wineries of the country, mostly during Vinobrani.

The largest country’s celebration of Vinobrani is held in Znojmo. The attendees of the festival drink lots of burčák and eat traditional Czech meals. However, Vinobrani in Znojmo is known not only for its beverage, but for the historical procession of King John along the old streets of the city. This procession culminates with the playing out of a festive historical scene.

Pálavske Vinobrani, or the Wine Festival in Mikulov, is as famous as Vinobrani in Znojmo. The visitors will taste lots of burčák at various wineries, attend wine exhibition, look at the traditional processing of grapes, and enjoy other interactive games and events for the whole family. The festival is held throughout the city at different locations, and every of them has its own program for each and every day of the festival.

Wine Harvest Festival in the Czech Republic



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