Kyiv Tattoo Collection

Kyiv Tattoo Collection
Tatoo Collection is an international tattoo convention held in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was founded in 2005 by the art studio Planeta Tattoo (Tattoo Planet) and is organized with the assistance of the Tattoo and Piercing Association of Ukraine.

The organizers of Tattoo Collection founded the convention in order to promote the art of tattoo and to combat stigma associated with this type of body modification. It features tattoo artists from Ukraine and abroad who come to the convention to showcase their talent and skills, exchange ideas and experiences, and create exciting tattoo designs for attendees.

The main highlight of the Kyiv International Tatoo Convention is the tattoo contest. The finest tattoo artists from all over Ukraine and abroad compete in a number of categories such as Large Tattoo, Miniature Tattoo, Cover-Up, Individual Tattoo, Biomechanics & Organics, Traditional Tattoo, Dotwork & Graphics, Black & Gray, Ornamental Tattoo, Realism, Color Tattoo, Portrait, Traditional Japanese Tattoo, Traditional Ukrainian Tattoo, Crazy Tattoo, etc.

At the end of each day, the Best of the Day Award is presented to one of the works. The grand prize of the convention, the Golden Machine, is awarded on the last day of Tattoo Collection. There also are special prizes such as the Audience Award and Sponsors’ Favorite.

Of course, the program of the convention isn’t limited to the competition. Tattoo Collection hosts a variety of exciting events and activities for those who want to learn more about tattooing or simply have a good time. Its program includes meetings, workshops and demonstrations featuring experienced tattoo artists, extreme sports displays, exhibitors, live music, and more. There are attractions for attendees of all ages and backgrounds, including events for children and families.

As of 2017, the three-day convention is held at the Expocenter of Ukraine (formerly known as the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the Ukrainian SSR). The pavilion where the convention takes place is divided into several areas including the Extreme Area, the Gaming Area, the Kids Area, the Tattoo Area, the Street Food Area, and the Main Stage.

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