360 Polytech International Film Festival

360 Polytech International Film Festival
Photo: 360.polymus.ru
The 360 Polytech International Film Festival is an annual film festival focusing on films dedicated to science and technology. It is an educational project organized by the Moscow Polytechnic Museum in collaboration with Beat Films, a film agency specializing in documentaries.

The Polytechnic Museum is the largest technical museum in Russia, as well as one of the world’s oldest science museums. It was established in 1872 at the initiative of the Society of Devotees of Natural Science, Anthropology and Ethnography. The museum hosts a range of activities to educate people of all ages about the latest inventions and scientific developments. The 360 Polytech Documentary Film Festival is one of its most successful projects.

The 360 Polytech International Film Festival, originally named Contemporary Science Film Festival 360°, was first held in 2011. Its main goal is to introduce the audience to the best science-themed documentaries from around the world, get people interested in modern science and technology, and encourage them to participate in other activities organized by the museum. The festival originally focused solely on science, but the organizers re-imagined the concept of the event in 2015, and its program expanded to include documentaries on all kinds of modern technology, from gadgets and Internet, to robotics and drones.

360 Polytech hosts an annual film competition for the best documentaries that have already been screened at the leading international film festivals. Its competitive program includes films about discoveries and new technologies dealing with a wide range of topics such as artificial intelligence, space exploration, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy sources, and the status of science in the post-truth era.

The best films are awarded prizes by the main jury, the media jury, and the audience. The main jury consists of renowned filmmakers, scientists and science communicators, while the media jury includes journalists, editors, film critics, lecturers, and film directors.

Alongside the competition, the festival program includes an opening film, thematic and special screenings, lectures by science and technology visionaries, panel discussions featuring Russian and foreign specialists, and Q&As with documentary filmmakers.

The 360 Polytech Film Festival is held in a number of venues across Moscow. For example, the venues of the 2015 edition included the 35mm Cinema Hall, the Formula Kino Cinema, the Documentary Cinema Center, the Multimedia Art Museum, Yandex headquarters, the ZIL Cultural Center, and the Science and Art Club (NII).

360 Polytech Film Festival

Photo: 360.polymus.ru




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