Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival

Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival
The Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival is an annual festival held in the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state. The festival is designed to stimulate the city life in the midwinter and to celebrate the growing light after a long period of darkness.

Despite its northern latitude, temperatures in Reykjavik very rarely drop below 5 °F during winter. That’s why city authorities have found it possible to organize a wintertime festival to celebrate the winter world and to attract more tourists. The Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival is held every February, its rich and diverse program is a mixture of culture and entertainment, history and sports, art and industry.

The festival is designed to provide entertainment for locals and tourists alike, giving them a unique opportunity to enjoy outdoor experiences and cultural activities in the dark days of midwinter. The program of the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival features a total of 150 events and attractions to choose from, including beautiful outdoor light installations, parties, and more. The events are designed for people of all ages, all of them are free of charge.

Among the festival’s major highlights are the Museum Night and the Pool Night. The Museum Night takes place on Friday. On this day nearly 40 museums across Reykjavik stay open from 7 pm until midnight to entertain locals and tourists with a wide range of events including film screenings, live music, lectures, film shows, theater and dance performances, literature readings, and more. There are special Museum Night buses that transport attendees between the museums for no fee.

The Museum Night on Friday is followed by the Pool Night on Saturday. Ten of Reykjavik’s largest pools open their doors to visitors at 4 pm, entertaining their guests the spectacular events including light installations, photo exhibitions, live music, poetry readings, water yoga, and more. All pools are geothermally heated, making it comfortable to swim outdoors even in February.

The Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival is a truly unique event reflecting the many faces of the capital of Iceland. All major museums and thermal pools in the capital area, as well as the local ski resort join together to provide a unique festive experience for thousands of attendees, locals and tourists alike. Iceland might be small, but its citizens surely known how to have fun big time.

Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival

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