Zurich Street Parade

Zurich Street Parade
Photo: streetparade.com
The Zurich Street Parade is the world’s largest and most colorful house and techno parade that attracts hundreds of thousands of dance fans from around the world. It was founded in 1992 and has been held annually ever since.

The first Street Parade was initiated by local student Marek Krynski. The official name of the event was the Demonstration for Love, Peace, Liberty, Generosity and Tolerance. It was largely modeled after the Love Parade in Berlin and featured two lovemobiles (floats) and about 1,000 ravers. Over the years, the Street Parade has grown to become one of the largest techno parties in the world and the largest annual event in Zurich. It is attended by up to a million people every year.

The Street Parade is usually held on the second Saturday of August. It proceeds along the 2.4 km-long route near Lake Zurich. The procession features around 30 lovemobiles. A lovemobile is a truck with a flatbed that carries sound equipment, a DJ and dancers. Lovemobiles are driven at a walking pace through the crowd of ravers who dance to music powered by the platforms’ sound systems.

The parade kicks off at 1 pm and lasts until midnight. Besides, there are about a hundred parties and afterparties that take place across Zurich over the parade weekend, starting on Friday evening and ending in the wee hours of Monday morning.

The Street Parade is free for everyone to attend. However, its organization costs quite a lot, so the organizers ask ravers to make donations. €5 or €10 isn’t a lot, but if each of 1 million ravers donates at least €5, there will be enough money to invite the best DJs and acts, create spectacular lovemobiles and organize the most mind-blowing parties.

Most installments of the Street Parade have had a theme that reflects the spirit of the event. Past themes have included “It’s All in Your Hands”, “More Than Words”, “Believe in Love”, “Love, Freedom, Tolerance”, “Peace!”, “Let the Sun Shine”, “Elements of Culture”, “Today Is Tomorrow”, “Move Your Mind”, “Respect!”, “Friendship!”, “Still Have a Dream”, “Celebrate the Spirit!”, “20 Years Love, Freedom, Tolerance & Respect”, “Follow Your Heart!”, “Dance for Freedom”, “Safe the Dancefloor!”, “Magic Moments”, “Zurich Is Unique”.

Zurich Street Parade

Photo: Monsieur Mais Oui




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