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Dallas FAN FESTIVAL (formerly known as Dallas Comic Con Fan Days or simply Dallas Fan Days) is a pop culture convention held in Irving, Texas every fall (at some point it was biannual also had a spring edition). The event is produced by Informa just like its “older brother” Fan Expo Dallas (previously known as Dallas Comic Con).

The inaugural Dallas Comic Con was held in 2002. The convention was founded by Philip Wise (owner of Star Wars fansites theforce.net and rebelscum.com) and Ben Stevens (producer of the Sci-Fi Expo) with the help of consultant Mark Walters (of the Dallas Fantasy Fair and Dallas Comic & Toy Fest). In the early 2010s, the convention was acquired by Informa. Informa Exhibitions is one of the largest pop culture exhibition groups in North America. It manages and produces fan conventions in a number of cities in the USA and Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Regina, Orlando).

The new organizers decided to divide Dallas Comic Con into two fan conventions. The main event was rebranded first as Fan Expo Presents Dallas Comic Con and then as Fan Expo Dallas. The other convention was originally named Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days. Not it is known as Dallas FAN FESTIVAL. Dallas FAN FESTIVAL is a smaller scale event, but it still features quite many celebrity and comic guests and draws tens of thousands of fans. This convention is generally less crowded and more family friendly than Fan Expo Dallas.

Despite its smaller scale, Dallas FAN FESTIVAL welcomes entertainment guests from all other the world. For example, the 2016 spring edition of the convention featured Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent films, Independence Day), John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow), Stephen Amell (Arrow), Bruce Greenwood (the Star Trek franchise reboot), Sean Pertwee (Gotham), etc.

Along with panels, Q&As photo ops and autograph sessions with celebrity and comic guests, Dallas FAN FESTIVAL programming includes a costume contest, cosplay red carpet, Artist Alley, and other attractions. Of course, there is a fair where retailers offer a wide array of pop culture-related merchandise such as comic books, graphic novels, original artwork, clothing, DVDs, games, toys, T-shirts, etc.


Photo: dallascomiccon.com




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