Droidcon San Francisco

Droidcon San Francisco
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Droidcon is a global IT conference for developers that focuses on software development for Android. First held in 2009 in Berlin, it has grown to become a series of conferences held in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Krakow, Paris, Moscow, Montreal, Zagreb, New York, Madrid, and other cities. San Francisco joined the Droidcon family in 2016.

The first Droidcon was organized in Berlin by a group of Android developers. A month later, a similar conference was held in London. Since their inception, the Droidcon conferences have become the largest Android developer conferences outside the United States. Droidcon was created to provide a networking forum for Android developers, to announce new products and apps, to share techniques, and to teach and learn. Its main goal is to support the Android platform and to create a global network for Android developers.

The inaugural Droidcon San Francisco (often styled as .droidconSF) was held on March 17–18, 2016 at Fort Mason Center. The next year, the conference moved to the Mission Bay Conference Center at the University of California, San Francisco. The new venue had 4 stages for talks, 5+ rooms for speaker tracks, 1 room for workshops, an expo area, and other spaces.

Droidcon San Francisco is a two-day event with a rich and diverse program that includes over 70 technical talks, as well as exhibitions, presentations, seminars, hands-on workshops, and special projects such as CodeLab and Startup Alley. The conference features speakers from established IT companies, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox, Intel, Pinterest, Uber, Slack, VSCO, Microsoft, Tumblr, Groupon, Samsung Electronics, and others.

The program of Droidcon SF is curated by a committee comprising experienced software engineers who work for leading companies. For example, the 2017 committee included Android developers working for Uber, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Twitch, and Square.

Droidcon San Francisco




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