Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire
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Renaissance festivals, also known as Renaissance fairs, are extremely popular in the United States. Arguably each state hosts at least one such festival. Some of them have been continuously running for decades while others are relatively new but already popular. One of the biggest Renaissance festivals in Connecticut is the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire that runs in Ansonia from mid-June through early July.

While most Renaissance fairs are set in Elizabethan England, the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire is a fantasy-themed festival set in the fictional town of Anleighshire located in the equally fictional Kingdom of Cuulayne ruled by King Tonitrus. The festival was established in 2011 and has been held annually ever since. It runs over three weekends in June and July.

Each installment of the fair has its own story and a colorful cast of characters that keeps the guests entertained. You can meet pirates and Celts, knights and gypsies, and other exciting characters. The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire offers continuous live entertainment to suit any taste: magicians, storytellers, jugglers, dancers, singers, street performers, comedy, jousting, and more. Some acts perform only on a particular weekend so if you want to see them you should plan your trip to the fair accordingly.

Like most Renaissance fairs, the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire features vendors that sell an impressive assortment of handcrafted goods including crochet items, leather goods, period and fantasy clothing and accessories, pottery, glass pieces, jewelry, masks, belts, handmade toys, artwork, textile items, candles, soaps and lotions, candle holders, and more. Some of the vendors provide services and entertainment such as palm readings, tarot readings, face painting, henna body art, archery lessons, fantasy photos, hair braiding, etc.

And of course there’s food vendors. They offer both period and modern foods and snacks including savory and sweet pies, fried turkey legs, Scotch eggs, bread bowls, desserts, brownies, sundaes, waffles, smoothies, fresh lemonade, baklava, kebab, and more.

The organizers of the fair donate 1% of profits to charity and provide special passes to those who work at least 10 hours of community service at local charitable organizations.

Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

Photo: Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire




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