Taste of Holland

Taste of Holland
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The Taste of Holland food festival is run by Taste Festivals, a company know for organizing a series of food festivals around the world. Its first event was Taste of London which took place in 2004. Taste of Holland was launched several years later. It is held every February in the city of Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague.

Taste of Holland is a real culinary fairy tale for foodies, gourmets and gluttons. The Dutch edition of Taste Festivals features famous chefs from all over the country and abroad. They amaze attendees with their specialties, practical demonstrations and workshops, food and wine pairings, wine and beer tastings, and more. There are contests and giveaways, special events for children and live performances.

The program of the festival is very rich and diverse. For three days, Utrecht is transformed into a culinary mecca for all fans of Dutch and international cuisine. Here attendees can sample dishes from the city’s finest restaurants, interact with celebrity chefs, relax listening to live music, and have fun surrounded by friends (or making new ones).

As Taste of Holland is part of the Taste Festivals franchise, it features some traditional events held at all festivals. For instance, the Taste Theater hosts live demonstrations and workshops from a selection of the world’s finest chefs. But the real highlight of Taste of Holland is the cooking competition entitled Academy for Masterchefs organized by Taste Festivals and sponsored by AEG.

The contest is modeled after one of the competitions featured in the MasterChef television competitive cooking show franchise. Participants are split into teams and each team is given a set of products from MasterChef Mysterybox. Each team has 45 minutes to cook something using the products they have under the guidance of MasterChef stars.

Taste of Holland




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