Georgia Renaissance Festival

Georgia Renaissance Festival
The Georgia Renaissance Festival is one of America’s many Renaissance fairs that recreate England’s renaissance. Although most Renaissance fairs are set during the Elizabethan era, Georgia’s festival recreates the reign of King Henry VIII. The festival is open for eight consecutive weekends during late spring and early summer.

The Georgia Renaissance Festival was founded in 1985. What started as a relatively modest event with several stages and a handful of actors has grown to become one of the largest and most popular events in the Southeast according to the Southeast Tourism Society. Situated on 32 acres, it features 10 stages of entertainment, 150 artisans and craft vendors, wonderful taverns and pubs, and over 1,000 costumed characters and performers. The characters dressed as peasants, monks and members of the royal court interact with guests to involve them in carnival games, contests and other action taking place.

What does the Georgia Renaissance Festival has to offer as far as entertainment is concerned? Endless entertainment on 10 stages includes musicians, storytellers, singers, dancers, jugglers, acrobats, actors, comedians, magicians, fire manipulators, puppeteers, and more. The famous jousting tournaments filled with trick riding and thrilling stunts are one of the festival’s main highlight and you absolutely should see at least one of those.

The festival hosts a large arts & crafts fair featuring around 150 artisans who not only sell their goods but also offer demonstrations of their trade. Art and craft forms showcased at the fair include hair braiding, pottery, glassblowing, weaving, embroidery, jewelry making, perfume making, wire bending, coin minting, and more. There are also clothiers which specialize in period garments and bladesmiths.

There are also games and rides for children and adults such as the Amazing Maze, Test of Strength, Columbus Ships, Robin Hood Archery, camel rides, knife throwing, start and axe throwing, darts, etc. Children can also enjoy the birds of prey show or a petting zoo.

The festival’s pubs and bars offer an impressive selection of appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages. At the Georgia Renaissance Festival, you can sample both authentic (or nearly authentic) XVI century dishes and modern treats. The festival’s specialty is smoked turkey legs. Weighing about 1 ½ pounds each, they are a meal unto themselves!

Georgia Renaissance Festival

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