Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire

Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire
The Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire is an annual Renaissance festival held in the village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. Unlike many other Renaissance fairs which are set during a certain historical period, this event incorporates elements of Arthurian Britain, Elizabethan England and fantasy.

The Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire was established in 2011. Its main focus is to reach out to families and disadvantaged, disabled or at risk youth in order to inspire, educate and enrich their lives and influence them with positive role models. The fair gets this audience involved with mentors who provide insight and appreciation for music, art, literacy, history and life during the Renaissance era.

The festival is set in the fictional shire of Enchanted which is a re-creation of an early 16th century English country market. Alongside knights in shining armor and peasants, it features a cornucopia of whimsical characters from legends and lore who keep the guests entertained and help recreate the enticing age of chivalry, romance and adventure.

So what does the Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire has to offer? Naturally, there are many entertainers like singers, musicians, dancers, puppeteers, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, comedians, and other artists who demonstrate their skills and talent throughout the fairgrounds. Local artisans (blacksmiths, smelters, tanners, spinners, weavers, etc.) conduct practical demonstrations of their craft as well as hands-on workshops for those who want to learn.

Like most other Renaissance festivals, the Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire hosts a market where you can find an impressive selection of handmade items to suit any taste and budget. There are herbal cosmetics and remedies, jewelry, ceramic vases and figurines, clothing and accessories, weaponry, leather goods, headdresses, beaded bags, vintage items, incense, essential oil blends, wooden toys, and more.

Food vendors offer delicious dishes, snacks and drinks such as turkey legs, fries, fried cheese curds, burgers and sandwiches, meads, ales, homemade lemonade, pretzels, cheesecakes, funnel cakes, candy, etc.

The Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire provides an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Its program is packed with events, activities and attractions designed to both entertain and educate, transforming history into an interactive learning experience.

Door County Fantasy Renaissance Faire

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