Algeria International Festival of Comics (FIBDA)

Algeria International Festival of Comics (FIBDA)
The Algeria International Festival of Comics (Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Alger, FIBDA) is world renowned festival of comics, that annually takes place in autumn in Algiers, Algeria. This festival is dedicated to any comics, from stripes to books.

FIBDA is one of the youngest comics festivals in the world. It started only in 2008, however, it’s already well know among comic lovers from all over the world, and annually more than 30 countries come to participate in this festival and present their new comics. The festival itself was organized to support the comic industry, which has started its development recently.

During four days FIBDA opens the doors to all comic books lover from Algeria and other countries. The festival is quite big and it’s considered to be the main event of its kind in Pan-African countries and the Arab world. A new theme is chosen every year to highlight the main events of the festival.

The visitors of the festival get an opportunity to visit a huge exhibition dedicated to African comic books. There are numerous works presented by leading and less known artists from Algeria and other countries of Africa. Also the visitors can get autographs from the authors of their favorite comic books and buy new ones to read at home.

The program of the festival is versatile and it also includes music concert, art workshops, cosplay and even a seminar to name a few. The program of all events is so rich, which makes FIBDA the most interesting festival to visit in Algeria.

There is a special program for writers, artists and comics designers, too. They all can file an application to participate in numerous contests and get a chance to win monetary prizes and other awards. The contest consists of different categories for different comics. The most influential people in the wold of comic books become the judges of the contest and they choose the winners.

Algeria International Festival of Comics

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