Ballonhappening Waregem

Ballonhappening Waregem
Ballonhappening Waregem is an annual hot air balloon festival held in the municipality of Waregem, Belgium. Founded in 1999, it takes place on the last Saturday of June (until 2016 it was the last Sunday of April). It is a free event organized by the city of Waregem in cooperation with Gino Ciers hot air balloon flights.

Ballonhappening Waregem offers everything a good balloon fiesta should offer. It features spectacular hot air balloons (including special shape balloons), a beautiful location in the very middle of the city, a variety of exciting events and attractions for visitors of all ages, and a special event for children called Waregem Kinderstad.

The Waregem hot air balloon festival is held at the Gaverbeek Hippodrome (Gaverbeekhippodroom) in the heart of the city. It’s a great location because it is big enough for mass ascensions and easily accessible. As we’ve already mentioned above, the entrance is free.

The program of Ballonhappening Waregem includes mass ascensions of hot air balloons, takes off of special shape balloons (one of the festival’s signature special shape balloons is the upside-down Festo balloon, there also are several animal-shaped balloons), air shows featuring remote-controlled balloons, helicopters and planes, helicopter rides, spectacular night glow (tethered hot air balloons illuminated with their burners move to the music), and fireworks.

Ballonhappening Waregem is a family-friendly event that offers a special program for children, Waregem Kinderstad (Waregem Child City). It features a variety of attractions for kids of all ages including fairground rides, bouncy castles, walks inside hot air balloons, performances, etc. There’s also an art & craft market where local vendors offer homemade art, jewelry, clothes, and other unique items.

Some hot air balloon festivals don’t offer balloon flights but Ballonhappening Waregem isn’t one of them. Attendees have a chance to defy gravity and see the world below them from a hot air balloon basket. Ballooning is an exciting adventure and the festival organizers make sure that attendees enjoy every second of it. The festival also offers two types of helicopter rides: standard 6-minute flights above Waregem at a fixed price and custom flights.

Ballonhappening Waregem

Photo: Eddy Callewaert




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