World Usability Day Date in the current year: November 14, 2024

World Usability Day World Usability Day is annually celebrated on the second Thursday in November. It was created to promote the values of usability and user's responsibility to ask for things that work better.

World Usability Day was established by the User Experience Professionals' Association, that is active in the USA since 1991. In 2005 the Association decided to establish the holiday to promote usability of any technology. Modern technologies should be easy to use for education, communication, health care, work, entertainment, government and other areas of everyday life, that is why special attention is payed to the development of the technology, that serves human first. People shouldn't feel stupid, when they start using a new technology.

Every year the Usability Professionals' Association chooses the theme to organize special events on World Usability Day. The events are held in many countries around the world and they are highlighted by media.

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