Children's Day in Peru Date in the current year: April 14, 2024

Children's Day in Peru Children's Day is one of the most favorite holidays in the countries of South America. Here the governments always organize the jolliest events for the little ones. For instance, in Peru parents and their children celebrate this holiday on the second Sunday in April.

Originally Children's Day was celebrated in Peru on the second Sunday in August, since winter is the most popular season of the year for this event. In 2002 the Congress of the Republic of Peru adopted a law on changing the date and officially moved the holiday to the second Sunday in April.

What's the best way to celebrate Children's Day in Peru? Visiting amusement parks or local parks, where communities organize special events for children under the age of 12 would be the best choice. Parents also always give their children the toys they ask for. Many parents choose to organize special parties for children and their friends. The central event of this party is traditional piñata – a special papier-mâché figure filled with candies or toys. Breaking piñata is traditional event for many South American parties.

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