Feast of Saint Nino in Georgia Date in the current year: January 27, 2024

Feast of Saint Nino in Georgia On January 27, the Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Nino. Saint Nino is honored as the enlightener of Georgia, she is one of the most venerated saints of Georgian Christianity.

Saint Nino was born circa 280 into a Greek-speaking family from the Roman province of Cappadocia. According to legend, she was related to Saint George, one of the patron saints of Georgia.

About 320, she came to the kingdom of Iberia (present-day Georgia). Soon after her arrival in the capital of Iberia, Mtskheta, she met the Georgian queen Nana who suffered from a grave illness. Saint Nino miraculously healed the queen, and Nana decided to convert to Christianity.

Nana's husband, King Mirian III, originally was opposed to Christianity but it didn't last long. One day he went on a hunting trip and was suddenly struck blind and lost in darkness. In despair, he prayed to Saint Nino's God and found his way. Soon, he made Christianity the state religion of Iberia.

Saint Nino's cross, also referred to as the Georgian cross or Grapevine cross, has been a major symbol of the Georgian Orthodox Church since the 4th century. There are two legends associated with the cross. According to one legend, Saint Nino made it herself on her way to Iberia. According to the other, the grapevine cross was given to her by the Virgin Mary.

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