OneWebDay Date in the current year: September 22, 2024

OneWebDay OneWebDay is an annual global observance held on September 22. Its goals are to celebrate the World Wide Web and to raise awareness of the importance of Internet accessibility.

OneWebDay was founded by Susan P. Crawford in collaboration with some prominent Internet figures in 2006. At the time, Crawford served as a member of the ICANN board (ICANN is a nonprofit organization that manages Internet protocol numbers and DNS root). Crawford and her team established OneWebDay Inc., launched a website, and started promoting a global network of events.

In 2008, over 30 international events were held on the occasion of OneWebDay. The main event was held in New York City, speakers included Crawford herself, Lawrence Lessig, Craig Newmark, Jonathan Zittrain, and John Perry Barlow. In 2010, it was announced that OneWebDay would join forces with Mozilla Drumbeat. A number of volunteers took over organizing the following event and launched a new website.

Every year, a new theme for the day is chosen. For example, OneWebDay 2014 was dedicated to Internet core values (open standards, end-to-end principle, freedom of expression, and universal access). All events and activities held on the occasion should reflect the current year's theme.

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