Hardware Freedom Day Date in the current year: January 17, 2019

Hardware Freedom Day Hardware Freedom Day is an annual event held on January 17. It was initiated by the Digital Freedom Foundation in order to raise awareness of Free/Open Hardware and encourage users to contribute.

Open-source hardware, also known as open hardware, is hardware designed and offered by the open design movement. The term “open design” refers to the development of software and hardware through use of publicly shared information on design. Hardware Freedom Day was conceived by Digital Freedom Foundation, a NPO dedicated to providing access to knowledge via technology.

Hardware Freedom Day (HFD) was created in 2012, the first celebration was held on April 20, 2013. However, its date was later moved to January 17. The observance focuses on educating a wide audience about the benefits of using open hardware and encouraging participation in open hardware initiatives.

Local HFD events are held by volunteer teams from all over the world. At a global level, HFD is coordinated by Digital Freedom Foundation that provides support and collaboration, but local volunteers are free to organize whichever events and activities they want and there is no rigid schedule to follow. Some common activities include introductions and demonstrations of new projects, talks, workshops, and hackathons.

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