International Volunteer Managers Day Date in the current year: November 5, 2024

International Volunteer Managers Day Volunteer managers make great contributions around the world. They work for free and their actions are often unnoticed by the public. Celebration of International Volunteer Managers Day is an opportunity to recognize the hard work they do every day.

Celebration of International Volunteer Managers Day was initiated by Nan Howthrone, a volunteer management professional from the United States back in 1999. Originally it was celebrated on December 5, that is International Volunteer Day, but later it became a standalone event and its date was moved to November 5. Today this holiday is celebrated in 18 countries around the world.

Volunteer managers are the key figures in organization and running of different volunteer events. They often stay behind the scenes, but their recruiting, supporting and encouraging work does exist and it needs recognition and appreciation. Mark this day in your own calendar and make sure that the volunteer managers, as well as administrators, community leaders and people who receive benefit of volunteer help, get recognition they deserve.

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