World Hepatitis Day Date in the current year: July 28, 2024

World Hepatitis Day Hepatitis is a disease, that is characterized by inflammation of liver. Different infections and pathologies cause hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. Observation of World Hepatitis Day on July 28 is aimed to encourage prevention, diagnostics and treatment of this disease.

World Hepatitis Day is one of the eight global events, officially coordinated by the World Health Organization. Incredibly large number of people suffer hepatitis B or C worldwide and lack of treatment may lead to liver scarring (cirrhosis) or other complications, like cancer and liver failure.

Ordinary people rarely pay attention to hepatitis. While many worry about death from HIV/AIDS, the reality is that hepatitis kills much faster, than AIDS. About 1.5 million people worldwide die from hepatitis every year.

Worldwide observation of World Hepatitis Day draws public attention to this disease and informs about the ways of its prevention, diagnostics and treatment. Every year the day is organized under special themes, that provide an opportunity to focus on different actions concerning this disease.

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