National Frozen Yogurt Day Date in the current year: February 6, 2019

National Frozen Yogurt Day February 6 is National Frozen Yogurt Day. This creamy and healthy dessert is the best substitution to ice cream.

There was no frozen yogurt until 1970s, when the health-conscious trend began. It gained widespread popularity only in 1980s, when the original recipes were improved to the frozen yogurt we know today.

Frozen yogurt is almost like an ice cream, but it's healthier and much better. Frozen yogurt contains less sugar and it's a great source of potassium and calcium, however, enjoy this dessert in moderation.

Frozen yogurt is served in many flavors and styles. Add some fresh fruit or fruit slices, sauce, nuts, coconut, whipped cream, whatever you like to enrich the taste of your dessert. By the way, some stores across the country give away frozen yogurt to celebrate this day. So what can be better than free delicious creamy frozen yogurt in a cone or a cup on National Frozen Yogurt Day? Find out more information about the celebration at your local store!

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