Children's Day in Argentina Date in the current year: August 18, 2024

Children's Day in Argentina Children's Day is celebrated in Argentina on the third Sunday in August. Although the date is fixed, Children's Day is often celebrated on other days due to the needs of Argentinian market, and it causes confusion among people.

Children's Day was established in 1954 and Argentina started its own celebration in 1960. Parents give their children toys, that is the most popular present. Every community in Argentina organizes special events to entertain children. The events are highlighted by the local newspapers.

Originally Children's Day in Argentina was celebrated on the first Sunday in August, but in 2003 it was moved to the second Sunday. This change was caused by an order of the Argentinian toy industry and the agreement with Chile, where unofficial Children's Day was also celebrated on this day. During the last years the toy industry calls on further change of the date and moving Children's Day to the third Sunday in August. This should boost toy market and bring manufacturers more profit.

Although Children's Day becomes highly commercialized in Argentina, this holiday is adored by all children and their parents. Celebration of childhood and rights of children is always the central theme of this festive event.

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