Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day Date in the current year: February 20, 2024

Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day is one of bizarre Wellcat Holidays. It is held annually on February 20.

Wellcat Holidays are quirky holidays created, copyrighted, and maintained by Thomas and Ruth Roy, the founders of Ruth and Thomas have created more than 80 fun and unusual holidays, and Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day is one of them.

On this day, people are asked to chase winter and bring in spring which is one month away. To do so, they should go outdoors at noon (local time), wave their hands over their heads and yell “Hoodie-Hoo”. Silly as it may seem, this simple ritual might cheer you up and make long, cold, and dark winter more tolerable. By the end of February, most people are sick and tired of winter, so a little fun won't hurt.

This day is celebrated on February 20 in Northern Hemisphere only, because in the Southern Hemisphere winter lasts from June to September. The citizens of the Southern Hemisphere celebrate their Hoodie-Hoo Day on August 22, one month before the Autumnal Equinox.

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