Vietnamese Doctors' Day Date in the current year: February 27, 2024

Vietnamese Doctors' Day Vietnamese Doctors' Day is a professional observance in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam that has been held annually since 1955. It is celebrated on February 27.

Numerous events are held in Vietnam on the occasion. They include celebrations in the medical and educational institutions, medical conferences, receptions etc. Government officials congratulate doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other medical staff and medical students on their professional day and express their gratitude to them for providing examination and treatment, engaging in professional training and scientific research, striving to modernize their profession, and overcoming difficulties.

Public health is extremely important for any country, and Vietnam is no exception. In 2010, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam adopted a five-year health sector development plan that focuses on developing health information system, human resources, quality of health examination and treatment, medical infrastructure. Special emphasis is placed on strengthening preventive medicine and reproductive health care.

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