Children's Day in New Zealand Date in the current year: March 3, 2024

Children's Day in New Zealand There are many issues relating child abuse and family violence in New Zealand, and the government of this beautiful country does it's best to attract public attention to this problem and its solving. Celebration of Children's Day is one of the ways to improve this situation.

Children's Day is celebrated in New Zealand annually on the first Sunday in March. Various events are prepared for children and their parents to encourage them spend more time together. The events may vary on both North and South Islands and even depend on the municipalities organizing them.

Every year the government of New Zealand chooses a special theme to organize celebration. The theme of the event should raise public awareness of the existing problems in family relations and help people find a way out them by focusing on practice of sharing, loving and caring.

The jolly events organized on Children's Day may include cultural performance, face and nail painting, carnival, sports activities, crafts, special food sales and more. Children and their parents spend a good time, thus strengthening family bonds.

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