National Currency Day in Kazakhstan Date in the current year: November 15, 2024

National Currency Day in Kazakhstan National Currency Day is an official holiday in Kazakhstan. It's annually celebrated on November 15, that is anniversary of introduction of the tenge. This holiday is considered to be a professional day of the workers of the financial system of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan was one of the last post-Soviet countries, that stopped using the rubles and introduced its own currency. The work on design of the tenge started in 1991 and the first samples of the banknotes were approved by the National Bank of Kazakhstan in August 1992. A decree on introduction of the new currency was issued only on November 12, 1993 and the tenge started circulating on November 15, 1993.

Introduction of Kazakh currency became a milestone in the economic development of the country. The government of Kazakhstan was enabled to pursue an independent monetary and economic policy. According to the list of existing professional days in Kazakhstan, November 15 should be observed as the professional day of workers of the financial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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