Border Guard Day in Kazakhstan Date in the current year: August 18, 2024

Border Guard Day in Kazakhstan August 18 is Border Guard Day in Kazakhstan. This professional holiday was established by a presidential decree in 1992, but the date of the holiday was included to the calendar of professional holidays only in 2002.

The present day Border Guard Service of Kazakhstan appeared only after collapse of the Soviet Union. New units were formed from the existing troops that were allocated in the territory of independent Kazakhstan.

The Border Guard Service of Kazakhstan lacked administrative personnel during the first years of its existence. This was caused by the fact that all Russian officers had left Kazakhstan. However, this problem was solved and all necessary personnel is prepared in the republic.

Kazakh border guards protect more than 9,320 miles (over 15,000 kilometers) of the state border. Border guards have to serve in the mountains, deserts and at the sea. People of Kazakhstan appreciate the hard work of border guards aimed at keeping their country safe.

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