Media Workers' Day in Kazakhstan Date in the current year: June 28, 2024

Media Workers' Day in Kazakhstan Media Workers' Day, also known as Journalism Day, is an official professional holiday in Kazakhstan, which has been celebrated on June 28 since 2012. Before that, it used to be known as the Day of Press, Television and Radio and has been celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

Such a date was chosen to commemorate the adoption of the law On Press and Other Mass Media, which was the first law regulating mass media in Kazakhstan. The Day of Press, Television and Radio was established in 1997; in 2011, its date was moved fro mthe third Sunday in June to June 28 in accordance with Presidential Decree. The holiday was renamed Communication and Information Worker's Day in 2017 and Media Worker's Day in 2020.

The current name of the professional holiday more accurately reflects its essence in the present-day conditions. Nowadays an entirely new kind of media, Internet media, is getting more popular every day. Due to the World Wide Web, information is being spread almost instantaneously, and this requires media emoloyees to be as efficient and professional as possible.

Journalists and those whose job is somehow related with the media accept congratulations on Media Workers' Day.

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