World Blood Donor Day Date in the current year: June 14, 2024

World Blood Donor Day World Blood Donor Day is an official global public health campaign marked by the World Health Organization on June 14 each year. It focuses on expressing gratitude to blood donors for their donations and raising awareness of the need for blood and blood products.

Blood transfusion is a medical procedure that helps save millions of lives every year. Blood donors are people who voluntarily donate their blood or blood components for transfusions. In most developed countries, donors are unpaid volunteers who donate blood as an act of charity. However, many countries still largely depend on family donors and paid donors.

World Blood Donor Day was established to thank voluntarily blood donors for their unpaid live-saving donations. It also aims at encouraging more people to donate blood as often as possible to save even more lives.

The WHO encourages member states, international and local public health organizations, and civil society to hold appropriate events and activities that promote blood donation as well as raise public awareness of donor health issues and the importance of donor care. Each year, a new theme of the World Blood Donor Day is selected, and all the events are supposed to focus on the current theme.

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