International Skinny Dip Day Date in the current year: July 13, 2024

International Skinny Dip Day International Skinny Dip Day is observed annually on the second Saturday of July. It was created to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and help them cope with body image issues in a fun and positive way.

Skinny dipping, also known as nude swimming, is the practice of swimming without clothes. In prehistory and for much of ancient history, swimming/bathing in the nude was the norm, but it became increasingly unpopular and frowned upon after the advent of the Middle Ages. Today, skinny dipping is part of the naturism lifestyle, and attitude toward it largely varies by culture.

The history of International Skinny Dip Day can be traced back to a 1976 meeting of two body positivity advocates, Lee Baxandall and Eugene Callen, who came up with the idea of organizing a National Nude Weekend every year in July. In 1992, The Naturist Society founded by Baxandall expanded the weekend into a Nude Recreation Week.

In the 2000s, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) began promoting skinny dipping on the Saturday of Nude Recreation Week, officially dubbing the second Saturday of July International Skinny Dip Day in 2018. A year later, Thomas Francine of New Jersey started the website to promote the observance and body positivity, as well as to raise money for an important cause, obstetric fistula.

To celebrate International Skinny Dip Day, nudist and naturist societies around the globe organize dips – special events where people can skinny dip safely and without shame. You can celebrate by attending a dip, organizing a dip of your own, learning more about nudism and naturism if you’re not up to skinny dipping just yet, and spreading the word on social media with the hashtags #InternationalSkinnyDipDay and #SkinnyDipDay.

If you decide to go skinny dipping, there are a few rules you should follow to make the experience enjoyable and safe for yourself and other people. Here are some pointers for skinny dippers that might be helpful:

Check out your country’s laws regarding public nudity. Some countries have no laws prohibiting skinny dipping, some do have such laws but their law enforcement usually turns a blind eye on skinny dipping, and in some countries public nudity laws are strictly enforced. If your country is in the third category, maybe celebrating International Skinny Dipping Day is not the best idea.

Choose the right location. A naturist resort, an official nude beach, or a private swimming pool would be the perfect choice because it is a legal and safe location for skinny dipping. If there are no such beaches near you and you don’t have a pool, choose a secluded location and make sure there are no children around.

Do not drink alcohol. Swimming in the nude for the first time may be scary, and you may feel like you need some liquid courage, but swimming while intoxicated is extremely dangerous. If you require alcohol to get out of your comfort zone, maybe you are not quite ready for it yet.

Do not stare at other people and do not take pictures. Skinny dipping is about being comfortable and enjoying the moment. Staring at other people is plain rude, and taking pictures without permission is a big no no in the nudist and naturist community.

Do not compare yourself to others, simply relax and have fun. After all, this is exactly what you’ve come here to do!

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