International Widows' Day Date in the current year: June 23, 2024

International Widows' Day International Widows' Day is an official United Nations observance held on June 23 each year. It was established by the UN General Assembly in December 2010, and the first celebration occurred in 2011.

International Widows' Day aims at raising awareness of the issue of widowhood throughout the world. It was first established by the Loomba Foundation to commemorate the day in 1954 that mother of the Foundations' founder became a widow. The Loomba Foundation is a London-based international NGO founded by Lord Raj Loomba in 1998. Loomba's mother became a widow at age 37 and raised seven children on her own.

International Widows' Day was first observed in 2005, and five years later it was officially recognized by the United Nations. It focuses on highlighting the situation of widows which is currently virtually invisible. Millions of widows and their children endure poverty, homelessness, violence, and discrimination. Sadly, these human rights violations are often overlooked by authorities and civil society organizations.

On June 23, all UN Member States as well as the UN system and other international, national and local organizations are encouraged to organize events and activities to raise awareness and help women who lost their husbands and are suffering through poverty and social injustice.

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