International We Are Not Broken Day Date in the current year: January 17, 2024

International We Are Not Broken Day International We Are Not Broken Day is observed annually on January 17. It was created to celebrate individuals who have overcome or are living with physical and emotional trauma, mental illness, or disease.

The term trauma usually refers to severe physical or mental injury. Major causes of physical trauma are falls, motor vehicle collisions, occupational accidents, stabbing and gunshot wounds, freak accidents, and others. Psychological trauma is caused by severe distressing events such as extreme violence, rape, terrorists attacks, etc.

Both physical and psychological trauma can have a profound effect on one’s life. It may take a long time to heal from trauma and return to some semblance of normalcy. Besides, physical trauma can leave visible scars that last a lifetime. Even though scars are the sign of a survivor, the stigma associated with them can be hard to break down.

People who have survived trauma and are coping with its consequences are often labeled as “broken”. This label is very harmful because it puts the equality sign between people and their traumatic experiences. In reality, nobody should be defined by their trauma as the principal part of their identity. While trauma should not be ignored, it should not define your life and who you are either.

International We Are Not Broken Day was launched by an organization named We Are Not Broken that empowers women who have survived challenges and rediscovered their strengths. We Are Not Broken was established in 2019 by Nichola “Nick” Cotto, a former fitness trainer who wanted to help women embrace their physical and emotional scars and celebrate their strength and tenaciousness that help overcome difficulties.

The main goal of International We Are Not Broken Day is to correct a common misconception that people who have suffered from physical or psychological trauma are “broken”. While trauma can severely affect one’s life, people who have suffered from it should not be labeled as “broken” because their trauma isn’t what defines them. It is also meant to remind people that not all trauma is physical and not all scars are visible; psychological trauma and invisible illnesses can affect one’s life just as much as physical injury.

International We Are Not Broken Day is about promoting tolerance and acceptance, empowering trauma sufferers and survivors, spreading positive messages, and reminding people who are struggling with physical injury, chronic illness, or mental health issues that they are not alone.

How can you celebrate International We Are Not Broken Day? There are many ways to get involved: you can learn more about the effects of trauma, make a resolution to be nicer to those who are struggling with physical or emotional trauma, share your trauma story with the world to show that you’re not broken (of course, only if you’re comfortable with it), donate to or volunteer for a charity that supports people affected by trauma, and spread the word on social media with the hashtags #InternationalWeAreNotBrokenDay and #WeAreNotBroken.

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