Unknown Citizens’ Day in the Philippines Date in the current year: January 14, 2024

Unknown Citizens’ Day in the Philippines Unknown Citizens’ Day is observed in the Philippines on the second Sunday of January every year. It was created to honor ordinary members of Filipino society who have contributed to the country’s development and progress.

The Philippines is a rather collectivist society that puts a strong emphasis on family and community, as well as the contribution of every individual to the country’s development and prosperity. Filipinos treasure family life and prioritize the needs of the family and society at large over the needs of the individual. They also value social harmony and maintaining smooth relationships with others.

Unknown Citizens’ Day is one of the oldest observances in the Philippines. It was established by the 1st National Assembly of the Philippines in November 1936, less than a year after the official inauguration of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. According to Commonwealth Act. No. 152 establishing Unknown Citizens’ Day, the holiday is meant to honor ordinary Filipinos who work for the progress and advancement of their country, fulfilling their duties and obligations as citizens.

Unknown Citizens’ Day celebrates rank-and-file citizens as opposed to political and civic leaders. Of course, any country needs strong leaders to thrive, but it needs regular citizens just as much because what is a country without its people? Every Filipino citizen has an unspoken responsibility to help their country become a better place, and every little thing each one of them can do matters.

On the occasion of Unknown Citizens’ Day, Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, a Filipino media company, even published a list of things Filipinos can do to become responsible citizens. Here it is:

  • Follow traffic rules, whether you’re a driver, commuter, or pedestrian.
  • Be punctual and avoid procrastination.
  • Conserve water and energy to lower your bills and save the planet from climate change.
  • Protect the environment in any way you can: dispose of your garbage properly, try not to cause noise pollution, fix your car to minimize air pollution, etc.
  • Obey the laws and local ordinances.
  • Be polite to other Filipinos and respect them, especially your elders.
  • Befriend your neighbors and build good relationships in your neighborhood.
  • Stay in your home town and do your best to contribute to its economic development and help it achieve progress.
  • Give support and encouragement to your countrymen and avoid crab mentality.
  • Be a responsible and hard-working employee.
  • Be a responsible Internet user and think twice before you post or comment.

The commitment of ordinary Filipino citizens to their duty, be it following rules and ordinances, working hard at their jobs, or respecting elders, ensures that society is functioning as it should, and their impact on society surely deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

It should be noted that although Unknown Citizens’ Day is an officially established observance, it is not a public holiday. However, it is a day off for most Filipinos because it always falls on a Sunday.

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