Children's Day in Nigeria Date in the current year: May 27, 2024

Children's Day in Nigeria Children's Day is annually observed in Nigeria on May 27. The holiday is celebrated by government and non-governmental organizations. Children from primary and secondary schools have a day off.

Children's Day is observed with numerous parades. Schools organize the parades where children compete with each other. The government of Nigeria also organizes an annual parade and selects schools or any other organization, that can participate in this event. Sometimes primary and secondary schools participate in military parades and children have an opportunity to do jobs that adults would normally do.

Observance of Children's Day in Nigeria is aimed to raise public awareness of problems, that children face. About 42% of the Nigerian population are children and 1/3 of children aged from 6 to 14 don't go to schools. Many children leave schools for different purposes and children's rights are often violated. Unfortunately, the government of Nigeria doesn't make much to solve the problems connected with children's right violation and imperfect system of education.

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